Ex-Junkie reveals poisonous tracks



"Enriching insights, touching stories, CHAPEAU to Florian and his fight for a regular life !!! Wishing you much strength !!!"
student from Vienna, April 2018


Rhetorically talented and touching, 33-year-old Florian clears up myths about addiction with you and explains what’s really behind the usual stereotypes. Along the „Wiener Gürtel“ you will learn how homelessness and addiction disorders are related. To what degree are they interdependent?
On this unique tour Florian shows you several buildings and squares – a park, a church as well as public facilities – that played a role in his life as an addict on the streets of Vienna. Florian vividly explains where homeless people can warm up in winter and how they can pursue their needs without money. He will also show you public construction measures complicating the lives of homeless and addicted people.
Being an expert due to his personal experiences, Florian highlights the possibilities for professional development and rehabilitation in prison, shares which therapeutic measures for drug addiction are offered and which public or private facilities are helpful.
Ultimately, Florian reveals how he currently succeeds in making his way back into a regular life and passes on to you his fascinating insights into the Viennese drug scene.

Start: U4 station Margaretengürtel (exit Margaretengürtel) in front of bakery „Der Mann“
End: Apollogasse 19, 7th district, close to Westbahnhof

Every Friday from 5  – 6:30 pm
Language: English
Accessible for people with disabilities: yes