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Vienna — My (Un)Comfortable Quarters

What is hidden homelessness? And how does someone find a place to spend the night?

Robert’s tour leads participants to a variety of sleeping quarters: two emergency shelters, two spots in public places as well as a trailer. Moreover he talks about the so-called hidden homelessness and what it means to be tolerated in someone else’s private home. As thus the ‘host’ is put into a position of extreme power, this often goes hand in hand with expecting something in return, such as sexual favours. But each form of homelessness has its own downside. Aspects such as the cold, the lack of privacy, dirty or unavailable sanitary facilities and the control over one’s life are major challenges in the life of a homeless person.

Vienna — My (Un)Comfortable Quarters

Guide: Robert

Start: Junction of Rennweg 82 / Lissagasse 1, 1030 Vienna
End: Enkplatz, 1110 Vienna

Robert’s English Tours are offered on request!

Languages: German, English, Hungarian
Accessible for people with disabilities: yes

Costs: 15 € per person (reduced 8 €)

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